About The Nexus Hemorrhoid Ligator System

A New Phase in Ligator Evolution

Hemorrhoids are the most common anorectal disease in the western world, yet typically go untreated with only one in three patients seeking medical intervention. 

Many patients with Grade I-III hemorrhoids find little relief in over-the-counter options, but do not want to have surgery to remove their hemorrhoids. Their hemorrhoids are not going away and they’re looking to you for a better solution. 

While conventional rubber band ligation is considered the gold standard hemorrhoid treatment, the tools and technique have remained largely unchanged for more than 50 years.

Now, inx Medical’s Nexus™ Hemorrhoid Ligator defines a new phase in the evolution of hemorrhoid therapies. The inx Medical Nexus Ligator with EasyFire® technology is the easiest, most efficient and comfortable way to effectively treat hemorrhoids without surgery. It is the first non-surgical option that meets your needs—and your patients’.


The Benefits of EasyFire® Technology

The Nexus Ligator System’s EasyFire technology offers physicians a wide variety of benefits, including: 

  • The most streamlined treatment option
  • Pre-loaded with 4 latex-free rubber bands
  • No assembly required, so it can be used straight from the package
  • Dual action design with integrated suction and band deployment
  • Completely disposable without any additional equipment, assembly or personnel, eliminating the risk for cross-contamination
  • Intuitive design that supports rapid adoption and proficiency with a comfortable, one-hand deployment.
  • Single or multiple hemorrhoid banding during one procedure
  • Non-disruptive integration into your practice

Fast, Easy Treatment Increases Practice Efficiency & Comfort

The Nexus Ligator’s design enables each hemorrhoid procedure to be performed more efficiently than with other rubber band ligation treatments, improving your practice’s productivity. Since the procedure doesn’t require sedation, ligators streamline and shorten procedure time and makes for a less embarrassing experience for patients.

How the Nexus Ligator System Works

To begin, perform a digital rectal exam (DRE) and then an anoscopy to determine the existence and severity of the hemorrhoid. If the hemorrhoid(s) have reached a Grade III classification, meaning they have prolapsed, manual reduction is needed.

Introduce the Nexus Hemorrhoid Ligator through the anoscope, into the rectum, targeting the neck of the hemorrhoid to be banded. With the tip of the ligator placed against the hemorrhoid, squeeze and hold the suction trigger on the handle, drawing the hemorrhoid tissue into the barrel of the device. 

Then, depress the band trigger to apply the band, causing the device to securely place a band around the base of the hemorrhoid. Then release the suction trigger. 

When both triggers are released, the Nexus Ligator System will automatically reload the next band. As with conventional rubber band treatments, this cuts off the blood supply, causing necrosis of the hemorrhoid tissue. The necrotic tissue detaches and a scar forms as the site heals, preventing blood vessels from bulging into the rectum.

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