Physician Resources

Critical information you need to help you expand your patient care by expanding your hemorrhoid care.

Downloadable Information

Physician brochure

Detailed information about the Nexus® Ligator System with EasyFire® Technology.


Procedural overview

Step-by-step instructions, with diagrams, on how to use the Nexus Ligator System.


Marketing order form

Click here to download the marketing materials.


Physician FAQ's

Answers to some commonly asked questions.


Tips & tricks

Suggested procedural tips for rubber band ligation with the Nexus Ligator System.


Reimbursement Guide

Guide to assist in billing for the Nexus Ligator System.


Nexus Ligator order form

Order form for Nexus Ligator


Pre/Post TreatmentInstructions

Suggested patient care instructions for hemorrhoid banding .


Disclosure Consent to Treat

Template of a Patient Consent Form


Hemorrhoid Description

Overview of hemorrhoids for practice website


Large Banner Ad

Ad for advertising on external sites, linking to practice website


Small Banner Ad

Web ad to link to hemorrhoid content on practice website



8 ½ x 11 signage for lobby, waiting / exam rooms


Press Release

Template to announce practice is now offering hemorrhoid banding


Referring Physician Letter

Template letter to send to referring physicians

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